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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take the time to explain why I have not been able to post anything in awhile. I’m going to have my first child and I really have not been feeling well. So I hope things will get better soon and I will be able to continue posting. Happy reading everyone!

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Light of Dawn- Angela Colsin

Over the weekend I read Light of Dawn, which is book 2 in The Crucible series, by Angela Colsin.  This book follows Ulric, a Draconian mercenary, who is in search of an item that will ultimately lead to more than he originally bargained for. We actually first met Ulric and Issac ( who’s a Demon) in book one, Blue Moon, and I’m really glad we got to find out more about this dynamic duo. I enjoyed this read (more so than book one which is shocking since I LOVED the first one) and would definitely recommend it. lightofdawn Read More

Solsti Prophecy Series- Sharon Kay

This is the first series I have read from author Sharon Kay and I am so GLAD I found her :). I loved the world she created because it has kick ass females, sexy demon warriors, and a whole lot of action! If you enjoy the paranormal romance genre then this series is a MUST read.


In the first book, Wicked Wind, we meet Nicole who thinks she is human with the ability to command the wind. Nicole is my favourite female character in the whole series (I might be slightly biased though since we share the same name 😉 ). Along with her sister, Brooke, Nicole hits the streets most nights in search of criminals to fight and these nightly activities attract Gunnar, a Lash Demon who is bent on protecting her. Meeting Gunnar changes everything including how Nicole views herself and her gift. This story is action packed and when it’s over all you will want to do it read the next one!
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Blue Moon- Angela Colsin

blue moon

Last week I read Blue Moon, book one of the Crucible series, by Angela Colsin and I really enjoyed the introduction into this new world. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I’m looking forward to reading more!  I was kind of expecting a quick and easy read where the main characters would meet, immediately fall in love, and live happily ever after (the story ends before it really begins) but there is more to it than that in Blue Moon.
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Missing Sons of Anarchy?

If you’re like me and you’re looking for a Sons of Anarchy fix then you NEED to read C.M. Owens new series Death Chasers MC. Owens released Property of Drex #1 last week and it was everything you’re probably looking for if you love bad boys and motorcycles. Property of Drex #2 was released yesterday and I’ve already read it and wishing for the next. Like all of C.M. Owens series, I was HOOKED from the beginning! It was next to impossible to pry my Kobo out of my hands (just ask the boyfriend) and I didn’t get much sleep but it was well worth it. I avidly watched the SOA television show and words cannot express how disappointed I was in the series ending so I was pumped to start this new book series.

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Guardians of Eternity… Alexandra Ivy

Guardians of Eternity-Alexandra Ivy

I really enjoyed this series since it had a little bit of everything: warrior vampires, witches, werewolves, oracles, and gargoyles (just to name a few). Each book focuses on a different male and female character but they definitely all connect and I would suggest reading them in order! I love the characters in the stories as well as the way the books were written and I really didn’t want the series to end but unfortunately it has. The final book in the series was When Darkness Ends (Book 12).
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